Thesis Defence Process

We have provided step-by-step instructions on the thesis paperwork process with a flowchart to help you prepare your thesis paperwork properly and ensure you are on track to defend your thesis

Pre-Defence Paperwork

  1. Supervisor collect, sign and send to Graduate Assistant (

*Note: Above items due 4 weeks before proposed defense date; MFA Artwork form due before exhibition is installed

  1. Supervisor collect and send to Neutral Chair
  2. Supervisor fill out online form

Post-Defence Paperwork

4. Supervisor or graduate student collect, sign and send to Graduate Assistant (

5. (Optional) Graduate student collect, sign and send to Graduate Assistant (

*Note: Timeline for post-defence documents

  • No revisions: submit within 3 business days of defence
  • Minor revisions: submit within 2 weeks of defence
  • Major revisions: submit within 6 months of defence

Thesis Forms and Information

The College of Graduate Studies has prepared information to assist students with the preparation of their thesis and have outlined the defence scheduling process. Any questions about this process can be discussed with the students supervisor and the Graduate Program Assistant.

MFA students are required to submit an Artwork Recommendation for Examination form signed by their supervisory committee prior their exhibition, performance or creative work dissemination.