Jennifer Payson

(She, Her, Hers)


English, English and Cultural Studies
Other Titles: ENGL112 Community of Learning Chair
Office: CCS 348

Research Summary

Studies in Composition, Topics in Composition, Children’s Literature, Indigenous Literature, Decolonizing Literature, Queering Literature, Technical Communication, Business Communication, Scientific Communication, Gender and Media Studies, Readings in Narrative, Short Stories and Novels.

Courses & Teaching

ENGL 112 and 203


Jenn has an interdisciplinary background of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as academia/non-profit/industry. Jenn also has a history of fostering animals and then adopting them. One of these is more sustainable than the other.

Jenn’s composition classes focus on the universal necessity for us all to communicate with one another in a variety of settings, by a variety of means. The way to learn academic composition is through reading a wide selection of sources: student papers, published academic articles, and popular publications and examining how good writing can change depending on where it lives. Students are challenged to think about all the ways we already modify our communication to fit the situation and to learn how to adapt it fit into the university setting.

When appropriate, class readings might include discussion of social media, gender, race, popular culture, and representation. This material is fodder for each student’s own experimentation with their writing and communicating process.


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