Mariel Jeanne Belanger

Creative Studies

Courses & Teaching

THTR 302


“Following in my Syilx grandmothers footsteps, using ethnographic historical recordings to map the archives for family specific Syilx song and story, I encounter, capture and create my own understanding of these texts, sound bites and visual recordings of the important knowledge my grandmother left behind re-constructing her story-world as methodology of contemporary cultural engagement, transferring my community-driven and land-based artistic knowledge and practice into a trans-media research creation project that carries a story of caring for the land and maintaining matrilineal relationships. My research is guided by important family and land based cultural teachings that seek to strengthen land sensitive self-governance through song and storytelling while re-constructing ancestral ways of being and knowing through village construction of a tule mat lodge, demonstrating the ingenuity of Syilx people cultivating a sense of cultural pride and as an Indigenous engagement/ visitor protocol-based pedagogy.” – Mariel Belanger



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