Prospective Students

Undergraduate and graduate programs offer the study of historical and contemporary creativity in various forms.

The Faculty’s programs explore different dimensions of cultural expressions and relationships as they relate to interactions among humans and between humans and other phenomena, both physical and abstract. The Faculty’s programs cultivate students’ abilities to interrogate our cultural and natural heritage; to determine which elements need to be preserved; to explore how best these can be sustained; and to better the human condition.

Undergraduate Studies

FCCS offers undergraduate programs leading to Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art History and Visual Culture, Creative Writing, Cultural StudiesFrench, English, and French & Spanish, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts, as well as a Bachelor of Media Studies. The Faculty also offers courses in other subject areas including Digital Humanities, Film, German, Japanese, Music, Medieval and Renaissance Studies (minor),Theatre (minor) World Literatures.

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Graduate Studies

FCCS is pleased to offer students opportunities to pursue graduate studies across disciplinary boundaries and to work with faculty members whose research achievements are reflected in their diverse approaches to creative writing, performance, and visual arts, art history and visual culture, cultural and film studies, English, French, Japanese, and Spanish.

How to Apply

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