Principal Investigators

Karis Shearer

Karis ShearerKaris Shearer is an assistant professor of English in the Faculty of Creative & Critical Studies and director of the Humanities Data Lab. She is the PI on the Poetry Okanagan Sound Archive (POSA) project, a digital archive of literary audio recordings originally made on reel-to-reel and cassette tape in the 1960s through 1980s. She is also working on a book project entitled Radical Pedagogy: Canadian Modernist Poets in the University; this research draws on archival documents, interviews, correspondence, and poetry in order to reconstruct and theorize modernist writers’ radical pedagogy in a transnational and interdisciplinary context. She was the co-director of the Textual Editing and Modernism in Canada (TEMiC) Summer Institutes at UBC Okanagan in 2013 and 2014. email: | twitter: @how2speakpoetry


Francisco Peña Fernández

Pena_Francisco_webFrancisco Peña Fernández is an associate professor and PI of Confluence of Religious Cultures in Medieval Spanish Historiography: A Digital Humanities Project. His research focuses on Literary Studies, Biblical Studies, Religious Studies, and History of Ideas. His main fields of study include and combine the literary study of the Bible, the influence of the Bible in Medieval and Early Modern Spanish literature, and Jewish/Christian relations in Medieval Iberia. He is the author of José Saramago o la intertextualidad inversa: Transformación de la tradición apócrifa en O Evanghelo segundo Jesus Cristo (2006) and Apócrifos bíblicos contemporáneos: definición, estructura y análisis (2004), His work has appeared in eHumanista, South Atlantic Review, Revista de Ciencias de las Religiones, and numerous edited collections. email:

Lindsay Der

Lindsey Der

Lindsay Der is an assistant professor of Anthropology and the PI of Disruptive Technologies and Negative Heritage. She is also a researcher with the Çatalhöyük Research Project where she works with the figurines team. Her research investigates changing human-animal relationships through time and their role in the social organization and maintenance of the Neolithic tell of Çatalhöyük, Turkey. Her research interests include cultural heritage, human-animal relationships, ritual and symbolism, iconography, archaeology and ethics, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and public archaeology. Lindsay is a founding member of the Landscape, Symbolism and Human-Nature Relationships in Ancient Anatolia Collective Research Project (LSAA-CRP) and The Archaeology of Entanglement (Routledge, 2015). email: | website:




Former Principal Investigators

Constance Crompton

Constance CromptonConstance Crompton is an assistant professor of Digital Humanities, and director of the Humanities Data Lab, with research interests in data modelling and curation, queer history, and Victorian popular and visual culture. She is co-director of Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada, an infrastructure pilot project of the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory at the University of Alberta. She is a co-investigator on the Implementing New Knowledge Environments project’s Modeling and Prototyping team. She serves as assistant director of the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, North America's largest Digital Humanities training institute. Her work has been published in the Victorian Review, Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies, The UBC Law Review, Digital Humanities Quarterly, Digital Studies / Le champ numérique, and several edited collections. She is the co-editor of Doing Digital Humanities: Practice, Training, Research.  email: | twitter: @clkrompton


Research Assistants

Cole Mash

Cole Mash is Interdisciplinary Master’s student at UBC Okanagan, working in English and Creative Writing. He is a writer of fiction and poetry, as well as scholarly work interested in the place of narrative and fiction in historiography. 

Caitlin Voth

Caitlin is Master's student in English with a research focus in print culture and Canadian small and private presses. She is was both a research assistant and a project manager for the Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada project, and is currently co-managing the lab with Stephen. In her spare time she works in her own letterpress print shop.

Stephen French

Stephen is an English major with an interest in how digital formats can impact and improve the learning and understanding of future generations. He co-manages the Data Lab with Caitlin. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with machines, be they computers, automotive vehicles, or other such toys.

Megan Butchart

Megan is currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts at UBCO, majoring in English and History. She is interested in Archival Studies and is passionate about the preservation and conservation of artifacts, and the making available of such resources for public research and study. She is pleased to participate in The SoundBox Project, which merges literary, historical, and archival elements.

Emma Smith

Emma is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Data Science. She is interested in how archival materials can be brought to and enhanced by the digital realm and is also working on digitization at the UBCO Library. She enjoys crunching numbers and making connections, especially between seemingly disparate fields.

Evan Berg

Evan is an emerging artist based in Kelowna British Columbia. He holds a certificate in Documentary Film Production from Capilano University and is working on a BFA in Visual Art at UBCO. He is interested in digital cultures and their role in contemporary life. He explores this broad theme through the mediums of video, sculpture, sound, animation and installation. Evan has exhibited work both locally and internationally.



Graduate Research Associates

Mathieu Aubin

Mathieu Aubin’s doctoral research employs digital tools to examine the intersection between Vancouver avant-garde poetry and the city's lesbian and gay liberation movement. He is currently working on a digital edition of the Vancouver newsletter TISH to develop insight into its contribution to the city’s social formation of an avant-garde movement. He is a bilingual researcher who was born in Montreal and grew up in Toronto, but now finds himself at home in BC.

David Lacho

David has an interest in Linguistic Anthropology, and is exploring the role that technology can play in empowering communities engaged in endangered language revitalization. David also regularly SCUBA dives, and strives to bridge academia and the tech community.

Nishat Tasnim

Nishat is a masters student in biology focusing on applications of Bioinformatics to the understanding health and disease. A futurist, technophile and sci-fi lover, Nishat is always on the lookout for innovative opportunities to study people and place.


Former Research Assistants

Rebecca Desjarlais

Rebecca is a fourth year dual major student in English and Art History, who left a long career in finance to pursue her true passions; books, humour, and french fries. Rebecca is excited about library sciences, and finding ways to use technology to connect people with texts and forms of visual culture.

Nikita Gush

Nikita Gush is from Vernon, BC and completed a Political Science major with a minor in English. She is wrote a Devonshire Manuscript webscraper in python for the INKE project. She is currently attending law school.

Candice Lipski

Candice Lipski is a Psychology major at UBC Okanagan, with special interest in the social aspects of society and behaviour. While fairly new to the field of Digital Humanities and the LGLC project, she is eager to learn about all they have to offer.

Seamus Riordan-Short

Seamus is passionate about developing and using technology to make new discoveries about old things. This interest has guided him in his work at both the Digital Humanities laboratory as well as in the field of analytical chemistry, where he also works as an RA.

Reba Ouimet

Reba Ouimet completed an English major and Psychology minor at UBCO. Her research interests lie in the areas of Victorian literature, children’s literature, Gothic and fantasy, and digital humanities. She is worked as the digital dissemination and outreach coordinator for the Victorian Review, and plans to earn an MLIS.

Raymon Sandhu

Raymon Sandhu is a former project manager of the Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada project. His interests lie in the fields of Statistical Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Sabrina Schoch

Sabrina Schoch is a Faculty of Arts student who worked on the Victorian Review. She is majoring in History and plans to go in to law.

Maggie Shirley

Maggie Shirley is a polymedia artist who completed a MFA at UBCO. She worked on the migration of Social Edition of the Devonshire Manuscript project to Iter Community, a social publication platform for Early Modern and Renaissance scholarship housed at the University of Toronto.

Travis White

Travis White completed a degree in English in 2015. He served as the project manager of the LGLC project for three years and undertook the migration of the text from TEI via XSLT to a Neo4j database and the development of the LGLC web app.


Former Graduate Research Associates

Juawana Grant

Juawana's research interests lie at the intersection of feminism and critical animal studies. A former Kelowna Tech History RA, she is always seeking out moments of resistance in popular media. She both appreciates and despises the "cat lady" trope.



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