English Honours

Form Type: Application
Form For: Current Students


The English Honours program is designed as an intensive course of study for a select number of students who have chosen English as their major and who have demonstrated exceptional creative, critical, and communicative abilities in their second-year coursework in English.

Further Information:

The program is a more advanced and more directed course of study than the program for English Majors and has additional requirements. Students who complete this program of study will receive a degree that will distinguish them as successful and highly motivated students of English who have achieved a high degree of competency in the discipline and who are prepared for the rigours of more advanced scholarship.

Please ensure you have met all the requirements for the English Honours before completing the application.

Please complete the application and submit to:

English Honours Coordinator
Lisa Grekul
Associate Professor, English
Department of English and Cultural Studies
e: lisa.grekul@ubc.ca