Late Withdrawal Form

Form Type: Academic Concessions
Form For: Current Students


Use this form to request to withdraw from a course after the online registration has closed which is after the second add/drop date. Supporting documentation is required.

Further Information:

Consideration of Course Withdrawals 

Given the extraordinary current circumstances that will necessitate changes to grading structures and graded work components in many courses, the Deans of the Okanagan Campus have decided to consider late withdrawal requests on an ongoing basis.

Please complete the Late Withdrawal form with your information and the course information as required on the form, and email it directly to the FCCS office as indicated on the form. We will contact your professor and process the request.

No extra supporting documentation is needed during this period.

Please note that we are receiving your requests, but due to volume they are taking several days to process; there is no need to send repeatedly, we are working on your request.

If you have any questions, contact