Current Students

FCCS Program Scholarships
Scholarships are offered to outstanding returning undergraduate students in second or third year, who are majoring in a program within FCCS. There is no application process for these awards. The following scholarships are awarded based on recommendation by the Faculty. 

  • Art History & Visual Culture 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Cultural Studies 
  • English 
  • French 
  • French & Spanish 
  • Interdisciplinary Performance 
  • Spanish 
  • Visual Arts 

FCCS Donor Funded Awards
We are honoured to have the following donor funded awards to give to undergraduate students who are majoring in a program within FCCS. There is no application process for the majority of these awards; students are recommended by the Faculty. 

  • Asper Scholarship (Visual Arts)
  • Craig Hall Memorial (Visual Arts)
  • Doug Biden Memorial (Visual Arts)
  • Murray Johnson Memorial (Visual Arts)
  • Elenor Yandel Memorial (Visual Arts)
  • Jack & Lorna Hambleton Memorial (Visual Arts)
  • Grizzli Winery Awards in Fine Arts Excellence
  • Francis Harris Prize (Visual Arts)
  • Mabel & Wilbur Bursary (Visual Arts)
  • Norma & Jack Aitken Prize (Visual Arts)
  • UBC Okanagan Visual Arts Award*
  • Visual Arts Course Union Award
  • Creative Writing Prize (Creative Writing)
  • Creative Writing Transfer Prize (Creative Writing)
  • Kelly Curtis Memorial (English)
  • Dr. Shelley Martin Memorial Award (English Honours)
  • French Essay Prize (French)
  • German Canadian Harmonie Club (German)
  • New Monaco Award in Sustainable Development (all programs)

* Preference is given to a student who has participated, engaged and sought mentorship from a faculty-invited visiting artist, students are invited to submit a letter of interest to be considered

FCCS Undergraduate Student Research Award
These awards provide undergraduate students support to engage in research and creation activities. 

FCCS Recognition Awards 
This award recognizes excellence in community engagement within FCCS.

FCCS Graduate Student Research Awards
These awards support the dissemination of graduate student research and creation projects.

 UBCO Awards

FCCS hires several graduate and undergraduate students as teaching assistants, research assistants and for a variety of workstudy positions. 
  • Workstudy 
  • Teaching Assistantships
  • Research Assistantship (PhD position)
    • The Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies offers programs leading to Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art History and Visual Culture, Creative Writing, Cultural Studies, French, English, and Spanish, and two Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Visual Arts and Interdisciplinary Performance. The Faculty also offers courses in German, Japanese, Film, Music, and the Digital Humanities,as well as also offers courses that are part of the Bachelor of Media Studies, a degree program jointly offered by the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences.

      Click HERE to find out more about each program including how to declare your major in one of these areas as well as contact information for the Program Coordinators.


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