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Research Centres & Projects


The Centre for Culture and Technology (CCT) was established in 2011 by FCCS professors Aleksandra Dulic and Stephen Foster to promote research that brings together art and science to develop a critical awareness of the dynamic relationship between culture and technology. As a laboratory engaged in innovative research, the CCT aims to develop content, artwork and services, support innovation processes, expand new knowledge transmission strategies for cultural expression, and communicate cultural knowledge to audiences across a range of age groups and cultures.


The Centre for Indigenous Media Arts (CIMA) is mandated to work collaboratively with artists and communities to foster the contemporary artistic practice of Indigenous media artists.

The Centre focuses on research/creation of scholarly projects at the confluence of contemporary art and indigenous culture exploring new forms of media and technology in contemporary indigenous art production. CIMA is located at UBC’s Okanagan campus in the Administration Building (ADM 044).


The Eco-Art Incubator is a SSHRC-funded research initiative at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. Principal Investigators are Nancy Holmes, Associate Professor, Creative Writing, and Denise Kenney, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Performance, both in the Department of Creative Studies.

The Incubator is an umbrella under which a variety of projects can proceed by our offering specific technical and theoretical support, providing a platform for students and artists to work as well as access to artist-friendly resources for conservation and ecological initiatives.


Lake Journal is housed in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and publishes fiction, poetry, critical essays, interviews, reviews and visual arts related to the environment.


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