Multidisciplinary artist Peter Navratil

Peter Navratil at an open mic stand-up comedy night

A program that allows you to take creative writing, visual arts of multiple disciplines, learn unique performance techniques, and earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts was exactly what Nav was looking for to pursue his degree.

Now in his final year of the BFA program, where he is concentrating on interdisciplinary Performance, Nav notes that he has learned a lot about himself and has found direction for his future. He is a multidisciplinary artist working in found art sculpture, screen-printing, writing and all kinds of performance.

“I have a better idea of what I want, I have direction, I learned how to fail, and now I better understand what I can and cannot do,” says Nav “I reaped the benefits of an education and my mind is better for it.”

Nav gives some of this credit to the talented and supportive faculty and staff that he has worked with throughout the program. He notes that there are a number of incredibly talented and caring individuals working in the fine arts program.

“I regularly leave a meeting or class feeling uplifted in my pursuits, or troubled with the right questions to get my work done. The collective accomplishments of the people that work in the CCS building are substantial and they are more than willing to impart what they have learned.”

For the past two years, Nav has been heavily involved in the volunteer collective for the Living Things Festival, gaining experience in the real world of creating theatre and performance in the community.

The festival, organized by FCCS professor Neil Cadger, features a month long program containing performances from world-renowned theatre performers, community events, and opportunities for local artists. Throughout this festival there are numerous opportunities for students to interact with professional artists and gain exposure to some fantastic performance work the Okanagan would never see otherwise.

“Watching these shows and talking with the selected artists has helped me set achievable goals for a career in the arts, maintain motivation to continue my work, and create more interesting pieces through a broadened perspective.”

When asked what advice he would give to fellow and incoming students, in addition to diversifying your interests and trying a variety of electives, Nav reminds everyone to make educational choices based on personal development and interest. “Regardless of grades, regardless of career opportunities, pursue something that excites you. Eventually every meal gets cold, you have to stay hungry anyway!”