The Apple Box Exploratorium AR Tour

The Apple Box Exploratorium AR Tour

Augmented reality (AR) game and interactive historical guide developed by BMS student Chloe Chang

Chloe Chang is a student in her fourth year of the Bachelor of Media Studies program here at UBC Okanagan.

For her final capstone project, she has developed The Apple Box Exploratorium AR Tour, an augmented reality (AR) game and interactive historical guide, in collaboration with the Kelowna Museum Society.

This project will be up at the Laurel Square, outside of the Laurel Packinghouse, from April 7 to August 31, 2021.

Visitors to Laurel Square are invited to experience a virtual world full of multimedia information about the Okanagan apple industry. When visitors first approach the square, they should look for the big Apple crates/boxes where they will find a QR code to scan using their phone. The scanning will trigger a web AR tool or the option of download an app powered by Onirix.

The AR tour includes an apple game, as well as a glimpse into the Okanagan’s past – referencing historical imagery of the apple picking process. By using augmented technology, users can browse various multimedia information assets (audio narration, moving pictures), while seeing the site through the exciting lens of the AR world.

To make this project. Chloe Chang has created several 360 photos of the interior of the museum, scanned historical objects, and created promotional material (photo, video and posters).

This Capstone project forms the final part of the 4-year degree requirement of the Bachelor of Media Studies. Our 2021 Capstone students are the first graduates of our Okanagan campus program, they develop their projects for a full academic year, and they work with community partners to achieve their project goals.

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Project Team

Chloe Chang. Experience Design and Technology Developer

Amanda Snyder. Curatorial Manager, Kelowna Museum Society

Shelley Weber. Narrator, Kelowna Museum Society