Congratulations to the Class of 2021

This year’s convocation ceremony on June 2nd was a special event, held in a virtual environment. The faculty and staff in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies are happy to congratulate all of the students who completed their degrees in 2021.

This year we have ten masters students, one doctoral student, fifty-four Bachelor of Arts students, twenty Bachelor of Fine Arts students, and six Bachelor of Media Studies students who are graduating and who participated in the UBC Okanagan Virtual Ceremony.

“It is a pleasure for me to be here with all of you virtually to congratulate you all on the occasion of your graduation. It has been an honour and privilege for us to have worked with you over the past four years, and I wish all of our graduates the best in their futures.” Says Bryce Traister, Dean of FCCS.

This is a huge accomplishment especially with the challenges over the last year. Our students have worked hard to complete their degrees in the context of a global pandemic.

“I have been impressed by all of our student’s perseverance to get through it all. We are especially excited to congratulate the students from our first graduating class of our Bachelor of Media Studies program. Well done everyone!” Says Jordan Stouck, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies in FCCS.

We are happy to celebrate the achievements of all of our students at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

“I want to commend the qualities our graduate students have shown in the past year with their patience, courage and generosity. I am proud of your achievements.” Says Greg Garrard, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies in FCCS.

The 2021 Virtual Graduation celebration can be viewed here.

FCCS is also pleased to recognize the achievements of the following graduating or continuing students who received awards for their outstanding academic performance this year:

  • Mackenzie Beeman, Asper Scholarship
  • Sydney Bezner, BMS Head of Class
  • Cole Blakely, English Scholarship
  • Sage Cannon, Interdisciplinary Performance Scholarship
  • Brianne Christensen, Dr. Shelley Martin Memorial Scholarship
  • Ella Cottier, Jack and Lorna Hambleton Memorial Award
  • Nils Donnelly, Creative Writing Transfer Prize
  • Aster Mamo Dryden, Norma and Jack Aitken Prize in Visual Arts
  • Makeena Hartmann, Frances HARRIS Prize in Fine Arts; Visual Arts Scholarship
  • Saki Irie, Asper Scholarship
  • Amanda Kelly, Creative Writing Prize; Creative Writing Scholarship
  • Molly Korol, French and Spanish Scholarship
  • Camila Labarta-Garcia International Student Faculty Award
  • Carolina Leyton, International Student Faculty Award
  • Jordan MacDonald, Murray Johnson Memorial Award in Visual Arts
  • Ayisha Malik, French Scholarship
  • Nikkala Ann Niro, Jill Douglas Entrance Award
  • Gabrielle Oi Yiu, Art History and Visual Culture Scholarship
  • Melissa Plisic, BA Head of Class
  • Mikayla Podmorow, Kelly Curtis Memorial Scholarship in English
  • Alexandra Przychodzki, French Essay Prize
  • Ari Sparks, Elinor Yandel Memorial Award in Fine Arts
  • Karen Takahashi, International Student Faculty Award
  • Stephanie Tennert, Doug Biden Memorial Scholarship in Visual Arts
  • Carrie Terbasket, Cultural Studies Scholarship
  • Danielle Tompkins, Jessie Ravnsborg Memorial Award
  • Arianne Tubman, Visual Arts Scholarship
  • Angela Wood, Craig Hall Memorial Visual Arts Scholarship in Printmaking
  • Jade Zitko, BFA Head of Class

The FCCS Dean’s Honour list recognizes students in all years of the BA, BMS, and BFA degrees, who are at the top of their class with a GPA of 85% or better.


  • Mackenzie Blackwood
  • Makayla Boback
  • Alexander Bourassa
  • Brianne Christensen
  • Marcey Costello
  • Neil Donnelly
  • Dessa Douglas
  • Mustapha Elfarse
  • Kaitlyn Forth
  • Mackenzie Griffin
  • Chloe Griffiths
  • Rachel Hackler
  • Wanling He
  • Hannah Hinter
  • Rachel Iserhoff
  • Zaria Jenkins
  • Tatyjania Khounviseth
  • Molly Korol
  • Camila Labarta-Garcia
  • Sara Larsen
  • Eun Jee Lee
  • OPayton Lynch
  • Rachel Macarie
  • Elizabeth Macdonald
  • Ayisha Malik
  • Annika Naciuk
  • Chanel Orr
  • Melissa Plisic
  • Mikayla Podmorow
  • Laavanya Prakash
  • Alexandra Przychodzki
  • Karleen Rutter
  • Cassidy Schneider
  • Brooklyn Schroeder
  • Anna Shaffer
  • Robyn Solland
  • Kianna Sposato
  • Danielle Symons
  • Carrie Terbasket
  • Courtney Thomas
  • Danielle Tompkins
  • Gabrielle Oi Yiu
  • Anna Vitko
  • Kysa Wadsworth
  • Abigail Wiens
  • Margaret Wileman
  • Janel Wilkins


  • Mackenzie Beeman
  • Maritza Botha
  • Taylor Carpenter
  • Ella Cottier
  • Amelia Ford
  • Angelique Goh
  • Makeena Hartmann
  • Mei Henderson
  • Josie Hillman
  • Candice Hughes
  • Chloe Jenkins
  • Yilan Ji
  • Lauren Johnson
  • Sofie Lovelady
  • Jordan MacDonald
  • Aster Mamo Dryden
  • Danya Mayne
  • Lareina McElroy
  • Arthur Pielecki
  • Ari Sparks
  • Maura Tamez
  • Stephanie Tennert
  • Ziyang Wei
  • Angela Wood
  • Lucheng Xie
  • Jade Zitko


  • Sydney Bezenar
  • Wing Hei Chang
  • Liam Davidson
  • Duan Buwell
  • Fiona Firby
  • Kai Hagen
  • Bowen He
  • Nicholas Hemingway
  • Bethany Hiebert
  • Jaine Hillier
  • Marcus Hobkirk
  • Sarah McNeil
  • Anjali Menezes
  • Julia Petrie
  • Jordan Pike
  • Jenita Poodwan