Congratulations to the Class of 2022

Cap toss at the June 9th, 2022 ceremony

The year’s convocation ceremony was held in person on June 9th, and the faculty and staff in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies are happy to congratulate all of the students who completed their degrees in 2022.

This year we have eighteen masters students, three doctoral students, fifty-seven Bachelor of Arts students, twenty Bachelor of Fine Arts students, and seven Bachelor of Media Studies students who are graduating with their degrees.

Camila (Alex) Labarta-Garcia, a member of the graduating class of 2022, was the student reader at our ceremony, and shared these words with the graduating class:

“I’d like to say congratulations to all of us. The fact that we are here means that we have overcome the intimidating wall that is university,” she said. “This moment for many people holds feelings of fulfillment, relief. But also regret and dissatisfaction. It is a hard task getting to know yourself before taking the next step. So whether you laugh cry to curse them, reserve those moments of uncertainty, for the questions your goals won’t really answer.”

Camila completed her BA degree with a major in Cultural Studies.

We are happy to celebrate the achievements of all of our students at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

“Congratulations to the class of 2022! It was wonderful seeing our graduates cross the stage this year and I look forward to all the great things they will accomplish in the years to come!” says Jordan Stouck, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies in FCCS.

“I am so happy and proud to be offering my congratulations to our masters and doctoral graduates of 2022. Good luck and best wishes to them all!” Says Greg Garrard, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies in FCCS.

After the ceremony, a reception was held in the Creative and Critical Studies building for all of the FCCS graduates and their guests to continue the celebrations of the day. Bryce Traister, Dean of FCCS raised a glass to toast this year’s graduating class and their families.

“We are proud of all our students for what they have accomplished over their years here, and for what they have taught us,” says Dr. Traister. “We have learned about compassion and resilience from our students.”

FCCS is also pleased to recognize the achievements of the following graduating or continuing students who received awards for their outstanding academic performance this year:

  • Mackenzie Beeman, Doug Biden Memorial Scholarship in Visual Arts
  • Alex Bourassa, French Scholarship
  • Sophia Cajon, International Student Award
  • Taylor Carpenter, Murray Johnson Memorial Award in Visual Arts
  • Gabrielle Chee, Jessie Ravnsborg Memorial Award
  • Pip Mamo Dryden, Audain Travel Award
  • Katja Ewart, Frances Harris Prize in Fine Arts
  • Fiona Firby, Bachelor of Media Studies Interactive Media Prize
  • Amelia Ford, BFA head of Class
  • Chloe Griffiths, French and Spanish Scholarship
  • Asahna Hughes, Jack and Lorna Hambleton Memorial Award
  • Candice Hughes, FCCS Visual Arts Scholarship
  • Chloe Jenkins, Okanagan Visual Arts Scholarship
  • Camila (Alex) Labarta-Garcia, Cultural Studies Scholarship
  • Karly Larson, Creative Studies Transfer Prize in Creative Writing
  • Jordan Macdonald, Elinor Yandel Memorial Award in Fine Arts
  • Rachel Macarie, Kelly Curtis Memorial Scholarship in English
  • Amber Nuyens, Creative Writing Prize
  • Julia Pearson, Craig Hall Memorial Visual Arts Scholarship in Printmaking
  • Arthur Pielecki, 2021 Vernon Film Society Media Prize
  • Jordan Pike, Bachelor of Media Studies Capstone Prize of Excellence, BMS Head of Class
  • Natalie Rice, HSBC Bank of Canada Prize
  • Jaime Sanrtos, Jack and Lorna Hambleton Memorial Award
  • Anna Shaeffer, French Essay Prize
  • Lark Spartin, Bachelor of Media Studies Computational Art Prize
  • Karen Takahashi, Asper Graduating Prize
  • Maura Tamez, Norma and Jack Aitken Prize in Visual Arts
  • Mackenzie Rose Tennant, Creative Writing Scholarship
  • Abigail Wiens, Dr. Shelley Martin Memorial Scholarship
  • Maggie Wileman, English Scholarship


Dean Bryce Traister

Dean Bryce Traister

FCCS reception, cheers to our graduates!

Dr. Megan Smith with BMS Head of Class, Jordan Pike

PhD graduate Toby Lawrence (centre) with supervisors Ashok Mathur and Tania Willard

BFA graduates Avery Ullyot-Comrie and Sofie Lovelady

Student reader, Camila (Alex) Labarta-Garcia

Aisha Ravindran, mace bearer

Aisha Ravindran, mace bearer