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Media and Digital Cultures

FCCS supports research, criticism, and art-making in the realm of media and digital culture and the arts and humanities, including print media, television, film, live performance, and computing and born-digital technologies. Our researchers contribute to scholarly and artistic inquiry into media technologies in all aspects of our culture, including issues of voice, representation, and identity in the context of traditional, new, and future media. Faculty are engaged in art-making with interactive media and gaming technologies as well as video, photography, and film production. Scholars are developing and examining practices and applications related to advanced book and print studies, digital humanities scholarship on texts and visual culture, editing and curating of digital editions, data curation, and the theory and practice of critical media studies and screen studies.

Current and Recent Research Projects

Centre for Culture and Technology
Centre for Indigenous Media Arts
About Looking
Editing Modernism in Canada (EMiC)

2013 Research Series

Emerging Visions: Digital Media and Culture

Digital media are rapidly changing the exploration and creation of arts and culture. Artistic experimentation and cultural research have adopted a dazzling array of digital tools and technologies to make art and examine cultural practices. This series presents innovative artists and scholars from across North America who are pushing the boundaries of contemporary creative and critical practice. They will share their ideas, innovations, and original perspectives. This series is sponsored by Green College UBC and the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, UBC Okanagan.

Media and Digital Cultures Faculty Researchers

Robert Belton
Computer facilitated music creation; popular music and visual culture

Neil Cadger
Interactive Media in Live Performance; Analogue and Digital Representational Technologies

Myron Campbell
Interactive Installation; Screen-based Interactive Animation; Traditional & Digital Media Arts; Digital Design

Jodey Castricano
Digital Humanities; Virtual Reality, Narrative; HCI Theory

Aleksandra Dulic
Media for Social Change; Climate Change; Interactive Art; Experience Design

Stephen Foster
Indigenous Media Art; Video Art; Representational Politics; Digital Photography; Interactive Documentary

Fern Helfand
Photography; Digital imaging; Cultural Observation

Denise Kenney
Interdisciplinary Performance; Interventionist Performance; Experimental & Documentary Digital Media; Eco-Art; Applied Theatre

Daniel Keyes
Television, Film & Web 2.0 Studies; Media Pedagogy & Ethnography

Ruthann Lee
Media Activism; Queer and Feminist film/video; Race, Identity and Representation

Karis Shearer
Digital Archives; Editing; Audiotexts; Canadian Poetry Recordings; Public Poetics

Michael V. Smith
Concrete poetry; Collaborative Photography; Experimental Film & Video; Site-specific Audio Recordings

Kyong Yoon
Social network sites; Race, Ethnicity, Reputation on Internet; Smartphones & Youth; Virtual Ethnography

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