Undergraduate Research Support

The Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies is committed to supporting and encouraging our students to reach their full potential while at UBC Okanagan. Each year, FCCS has a competition for research awards for domestic and international undergraduate students who are completing a major in an FCCS program in the BA or BFA degrees.

These awards for undergraduate students provide an opportunity for students to pursue innovative and original research as part of their learning experience over the summer months. This year, the faculty offered the awards a domestic students and an international undergraduate student.

Sheri Ptolemy, a Creative Writing major in her third year, is going to be working on a documentary showing the process of making bannock with voice over from her about how learning to make bannock made her feel connected to her culture. This footage will be spliced with other interviews from various members of the Stl’atl’imx Nation and how they reconnect and preserve their culture.

Laavanya Prakash, a second year student pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Art History and Visual Culture, and a minor in Visual Arts, is this year’s recipient of the International award. With this funding, she is still able to work on her project this summer of exploring the British colonization in Lucknow, near her hometown of Bangalore, India. Prakash traveled back to India a few days after receiving confirmation that UBCO would hold online classes.

“Growing up in India, I came to the realization that we’re often made subject to ideals of colonialism and neo-colonialism without realizing the extent to which we are.” Says Prakash, “The funding allows me to fully and justifiably explore an aspect of history that has affected societies globally.”

The research awards are available to  Domestic and International students who are enrolled in a major, or combined major, in FCCS B.A. or B.F.A. program (English, Cultural Studies, Art History and Visual Culture, French, Creative Writing, Visual Arts. More information on these awards and other funding opportunities can be found here: https://fccs.ok.ubc.ca/student-resources/funding-awards/