FCCS Course Unions & Clubs

UBCO Critical Studies Club

This student-centred, student-run group at The University of British Columbia’s Okanagan Campus is for all students who take courses in Languages, Literatures, Art History & Visual Culture as well as Cultural Studies. Events are planned for fun, learning, leadership, mentorship, community outreach, etc. Join us to meet like-minded people who care about the arts at UBCO.

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UBCO Cultural Studies Student Collective

The Cultural Studies Student Collective provides a community for students who are involved in the Cultural Studies program or who simply have interests in the areas of social justice, media production, and the like. The Collective aims to create an interdisciplinary space wherein members are able to connect with others to pursue both academic and social initiatives and seeks to foster and develop community-based events while supporting students in their academic pursuits.

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UBCO English Course Union

This course union acts as a representatives for English students and the English department to promote interest in the field of English studies at UBCO. It aims to provide and foster a community for English students by hosting events, which help build stronger relationships towards other students, faculty members, the University and the Okanagan Region. 

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UBCO Theatre26

Founded in 2012, Theatre26 is a small company of BFA students in Interdisciplinary Performance (INTP) that holds student positions to run University Theatre. Students learn how to promote live productions, hang and focus lights, and run the sound and lighting booth for in-house and touring productions. University Theatre, located in ADM 026, serves as a campus venue for the Department of Creative Studies for study, rehearsal and public performances, both for the campus community and the general public; it is also a central hub for performance work in the INTP program.

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Creative Writing Course Union

The Creative Writing Course Union strives to bring creative writing into more students' lives and to offer Creative Writing students and other writers opportunities to showcase their work to campus and community audiences.

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Theatre Course Union 

The Theatre Course Union (TCU) is dedicated to supporting events related to theatre and performance on campus atUBC's Okanagan campus, and in the city of Kelowna.

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Visual Arts Course Union

The Visual Arts Course Union works to enhance the educational experience and to meet the needs of Visual Arts students at the UBC’s Okanagan Campus. It also facilitates activities and opportunities for artistic development of students in the arts community beyond the campus. Being part of this course union provides students the chance to help form a community of people with similar interests.

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